Natural way of keeping eyes beautiful


A pair of beautiful eyes means a beautiful world. Because through the eyes we see the beauty of the earth. Take care of eye for healthy and beautiful eyes. Without regular makeup, you can get a pair of beautiful eyes. Let’s know, let’s go

1. You can massage a little facial cream on the eyes of the eyes. It will help keep eyes moist. But be careful so that the cream does not go inside the eye.

2. Keep the cold T-bag used on your eyes. It will help to tone the skin around the eye.

3. The eyes will be clean and the eyes will be cleansed with cold water japata. At the same time you need to be alive.

4. Drink plenty of water. Eat fruits and vegetables. Eyes and skin are good.

5. Take adequate rest daily. At least eight hours of sleeping skin and eye health are important. Otherwise, tiredness will appear in the face.

6. Petroleum jelly can be light-handed on the eyes and in the papadas. This will make the eyes look more attractive.

7. If you have eyebrows shaped with beautiful and facial shapes, then your eyes will look after the eyes.


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